] hir00: 6月 2010


iPhone reception issue on iPhone 3G

The reception issues all over the place talking about this being an issue with the iPhone 4 isn't true. It also does this on the 3G as I show here. This is most definitely an issue with iOS4.

I want a iPhone 4G but now,,,
iPhone 4Gが手に入らない!


My beloved Rihnna

My beloved Rihnna and Alica Keys. However, I am crazy about Rihanna now. Before, in a car, beginning work;, at the end, is Rihanna.
If there is her who resembles Rihanna?

Rihanna - Russian Roulette
Beyonce Hayley Williams

I will help it then if she cries!
If she stands still in front of the black sea.
If there is her runnning out of a stab to oneself at the muzzle.


My friends are cool?

wow! Yahoo!
My friends are cool?
It is me to photograph. I am reflected in the window behind and am crowded.
Koyabu and Noda play!

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search engine optimization

NEW YORK - JUNE 14: (L-R) Director Zippi Brand Frank, film subject Doron Mamet and VP of Documentary Films Sara Bernstein attend the HBO Documentary Screening Of 'Google Baby' at HBO Theater on June 14, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

I am building the website that expressed a way of thinking of our website production now. And I always pay attention to a trend of Google. Do not you exchange information with me if you are interested in search engine optimization?

For Japanese


It is the first blog.

My name is Hiroo. I live in Nagano Japan. The work is a secret.

Please do friend application in my Google Buzz if I want to know me.